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Betty & Veronica
Our Favorite Riverdale High Girls
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With cape in hand.
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WARNING: They're pro-Betty/anti-Veronica icons, so Veronica fans be cautioned. They're tongue-in-cheek and aren't meant to offend any fans.

CLICK HERE for the rest.
4th-Sep-2008 10:19 pm - 3 Icons
Okay guys, I'm not fabulous with icons, but I wanted to contribute a little. So here you go:Collapse )

I got the last 2 pix from here: http://dkcissner.deviantart.com/ I love the Betty & Jughead idea!! There's some cool (and some not-so-cool) fan art on DA if you want to check it out.
11th-Sep-2007 01:03 am - Gracious!
Betty, I'm sorry to tell you this, but you really shouldn't be standing around wearing nothing but seagull feathers over your bits.

Read more...Collapse )

And I don't CARE if a reader sent it in, not all of those 9 year old girls from Anytown N.Y. are who they claim to be, my dear!
9th-Sep-2007 02:39 am - ;)
This was found in Jughead with Archie Digest No.13 (March 1976) from a text-based section called Betty and Veronica's "Gals & Gags":

Reggie: Girls are all wacky, I tell you.
Betty: Girls are not wacky, Reggie Mantle. They have much more sense than men.
Reggie: Oh, yeah, then how come girls kiss each other. Men don't.
Veronica: That's easy. Girls have nothing better to kiss. Men have.
5th-Mar-2007 11:28 am - “It Really Is Just Temporary”
States' Rights

January 26th, 2007

Greetings from the Archie Comics Management Team!

We hope 2007 has been good to you so far. It’s been hectic here. Since we announced our plans for a 4 issue Betty & Veronica Makeover last month, our office has been flooded with calls, letters and emails. It seems we have hit a nerve with Archie Comics fans, and set off a bit of a fire storm.

We would like to restate our position: The Makeover is supposed to be temporary. We only plan to feature the “updated” Betty and Veronica in 4 special issues beginning in May. It’s never been our intention to replace the tried-and-true duo, Betty and Veronica. Think of this as an experiment – like changing your hairstyle for a day, or getting new glasses.

That said, we’re surprised by the amount of support we are getting for the Makeover from fans and from key members of the Riverdale community.

In short, we love Betty and Veronica just the way they are. They are dear, old friends to everyone here at Archie Comics headquarters. We would, however, love your feedback as we continue to look for fresh new ways to bring Archie Comics to our current readers… and to new ones as well.

We hope this clears up the confusion.
13th-Dec-2006 12:08 am - help please
spicy time goblin
Does anyone know where to find any good quality pics of  Archie and the gang at Pop Tate's, dancing, and/or having a sock hop, and/or even with musical notes around them?



27th-Nov-2006 04:13 pm - Season's Greetings!
smokey robinson
Here are a few holiday/winter themed icons to help us get into the spirit. As usual:

Please comment if you take any.
Credit is nice, of course.
No hotlinking!

Happy Holidays!Collapse )

Additionally, I finally changed the layout for the community, so you no longer have to "sign" your name when you post an entry. I hope the colors aren't too sweet!
12th-Oct-2006 03:32 pm - Some new, some forgotten
smokey robinson
I've got a few icons for you guys and gals. Some I made just yesterday and a few I made but never uploaded. I think someone once asked me where I get the images to make the icons. Here ya go! (*ETA* The website is going crazy right now, but I go to comics.org)

If you use any, please comment & credit. Though it doesn't look like it, I often spend lots of time smoothing out distorted colors or repairing images due to wear & tear and age. Plus, it lets everyone know where you got your FABULOUS icons from :-D Enjoy!

cut cut cutCollapse )
26th-Jul-2006 07:20 pm - More icons and some Cricket O'Dell
RBB Stormy face
I spent part of today making more icons, so here they are!

Icons, mostly B&VCollapse )

And I was asked by nodrogg if I had any pics of Cricket O'Dell. In my hunt for good icon pics, I found two stories featuring Cricket: one vintage, one modern.

CricketCollapse )

15th-Jul-2006 10:24 pm - A few icons to offer
RBB Stormy face
I scanned some of my Archie issues. I couldn't do a lot of the older ones, because they're so color faded and the paper is yellowed, so these are mostly cover images and ones from more recent issues. I have more digests than regular issues, so these aren't even close to the extent of my collection. Someday I'll go through some digests and make some from them, but not for awhile. :)

I appreciate comments, just because I like to know which icons are the most popular. And please credit tanz_fanatika in your keywords.

Archie's girls and moreCollapse )

3rd-Jul-2006 11:46 pm(no subject)
Julie Newmar
good evening to all of you!

i was invited to join this community and im very happy about that, im a huge Archie & friends fan! i first discovered them around 9 or 10 when i found a stack of comics in my attics (they once belonged to my cousin). the first one i read was a Betty & Veronica (hihi!) and i got hooked instantly. i am 28 now and i still enjoy them :)

at one point, my collection was around 500 books, both english and french. my friends use to come to my house just to read my Archies haha! but alas, i had to part with them because i was at a point in my life where i was moving once every 6 months (yeesh!) and they were a pain in the butt to move around each time, plus i read them all like 100 times each :)

Image hosted by LetMeHost.com
some of my books

every now and then, when i go thrift shopping, i still buy the books but only the old ones; they are the ones i prefer. i now have around 20/30 of them. anyway, that was a waaaay too long introduction from my part (sorry!) so im making up for it by giving away a few icons i have made in the past. they are yours to keep, i dont really care about crediting and such :)

thank you for welcoming me here,

Virginia xxx
goodiesCollapse )
16th-Jun-2006 04:32 pm(no subject)
summer hammock
Hello everyone!

I recently dug up a HUGE stack of Archie comics (and many of the sub-series) at my dad's house...mostly from the late '80s and early '90s, but also some from the '70s and earlier. So far, I have been arranging the ones from the latter decades into lots of 20, which I am selling for $15 here. (If the link doesn't work for you, go to eBay, and search for user "joannact.") They are all plastic-wrapped, and range from very good to like-new condition. Check 'em out! You can increase your collection inexpensively, and my dad will be happy to de-clutter :-)

14th-Jun-2006 03:03 pm - New icons!
I've got a couple from Dan DeCarlo artwork and one "celestial body"...

IconsCollapse )
19th-Apr-2006 06:20 pm - Dan de Carlo drawings
I'm so excited at coming across this new community! I strive to be a Betty in my home life, but I'm definitely more of a Veronica right now. I would love to have boys faint at my beauty!

I was recently looking at the art of Dan De Carlo. Betty and Veronica are definitely visible in his work. They're sort of like Barbie dolls, who take on different personalities by simply altering hair and eye colours. I always thought the stories where Betty and Ron trade hairstyles were funny because everyone easily confused them. I've even read ones where Reggie and Archie trade hair colours and get confused . . . even with Archie's freckles!

Do any of you have friends that you look that similar to?

3rd-Apr-2006 04:10 pm - Latest batch of icons!
smokey robinson
Enjoy! If you use any, a comment & credit to oh_really_now or archies_girls is nice.
no hotlinking, por favorCollapse )
31st-Mar-2006 11:07 am - Welcome!
smokey robinson
Thanks for joining archies_girls! Here are just a couple of friendly reminders:

All images larger than 350x350 should be placed behind an LJ-cut for courtesy's sake, as well as NSFW images.

Do not promote a community that is not related to Archie Comics.

Please use the Subject Line!

No fake LJ-Cuts!

When posting, please "sign" your username at the end of each post. For some odd reason, this journal style does not post usernames with each post. This has been fixed!

Thanks again and enjoy!</lj>
7th-Mar-2006 12:14 pm - Latest Icons
smokey robinson
Comment if you take. If you credit (it's the nice thing to do!), credit either oh_really_now or archies_girls.

Image hosting by Photobucket

No hotlinking, please. Save to your hard drive.Collapse )
16th-Feb-2006 02:36 am - ello!
hello i am new to this community and i have been an archie fan for most of my life so far.
I am actually selling some comics old and new (not very immediately new) and i figured i'd let you guys see. this is going to be insanely cross-posted so i don't feel like naming all of the crosses.

here is the link: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZdreamsofpixies
check ack for updates ecause i have so many more that I will add. This includes some very old issues.
14th-Feb-2006 01:47 pm - Icons & Misc.
smokey robinson
Here are a few icons I made. Feel free to snag them. If you take one, be kind, please rewind, comment, credit, something.

Riverdale JunkiesCollapse )
27th-Dec-2008 12:50 am - Welcome!
smokey robinson
Thanks for joining archies_girls! Here are just a couple of friendly reminders:

All images larger than 350x350 should be placed behind an LJ-cut for courtesy's sake, as well as NSFW images.

When posting, please "sign" your username at the end of each post. For some odd reason, this journal style does not post usernames with each post. Thanks again & enjoy!

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